Finding Beauty In Those Who Hurt Us.

I read an article in which the author says that, beauty could actually be found in those who hurt us. I just exclaimed with my jaws almost on the floor. The question that I want to ask is; what kind of beauty would actually be seen in those who hurt us terribly? An insight scenario given is the normal cliché; “forgive and forget’’. Yes I call it a cliché although I believe in forgiveness. But humans as we are, it isn’t easy telling someone with a broken heart which cannot be fixed at all to succumb to this opinion. Anyways, which broken heart can never be fixed at all.

But in another case I think It makes sense. The rhetoric questions are,what blocks our ability to love, our ability to be courageous, our ability to forgive and forget? if we can survive all these, then we can define our ability to find this beauty .I’ve realized it is rather a good thing than just seeing its shallow meaning.

Most sufferings and disappointments that we experience are somehow a blessing in disguise. We sometimes realize our true self after mourning our wounded hearts. I want to believe that, believing in ourselves could be very therapeutic. That is, if we accept the outcome of every situation and think of the way forward rather than thinking about the harm that is already done, would make us really realize and find this beauty in those who hurt us. May be we should try this!


Is It Only You And Yourself Always?

Some people are so self-centred that they forget it is them against the world. This behavior can really jeopardize our happiness. If you have to live with just yourself, what happens to the rest of the world? It might be some practice of selfishness which you don’t know or does it intentionally. Remember our behavior towards others is just as important as building blocks of self-respect.

Interaction with people can also reveal some unexpected horrible behaviours. Commitment to human relations can avoid this kind of behaviour. The unfair aspects of it are that, your commitments might not be reciprocated by the people you act towards, which makes certain human behaviours and facts so difficult to fathom.

So Clutch Your Choices Opened Heartedly!

I guess you have been trying to make some changes in your life................... I know. You really knew that already didn’t you? If you had been so sincere to yourself, may be you could have done that long time before the phrase “it’s too late” came out of your mouth. Sometimes the most difficult aspects of our lives are making choices.
If you could only see through the future, there are some choices that you made that you would wish to turn back time.

I wish I never made some choices in my life which haunts me as of now. I wouldn’t say I regret them though, but I wish I never did. Some choices are also ahead of me that am taking pains to break the puzzle. It is also difficult to face the truth.
May be I would one day find the courage to find myself in a different way in making choices through some Divine Interventions or..... What do you think? We all make mistakes and loose our ways. It’s all up to us to outline the dos and don’ts and carry our choices whole heatedly. Anyways, what could we do to make a difference? You could tell me too.


To whom it may concern!

I guess you are the only one who understands my language.
I beg you would not force me to drink this water, coz my belly is already full
I wonder, if I give you explanations, would things turn around to how it used to be or was supposed to be?
If your answer is what I’m thinking, then you need not lead me on.
But all the same it’s only fair to hear the “winding story “. .......... to be conti...

A mother’s tongue

The one that tells a fairy tale in Disney Land
The one that senses danger from afar and warn
The one that rolls a true emotional experience
The one that blesses the good and even the bad
The one that prays all night when you are somewhere clubbing all night
The one that suffers in your defence
The one that makes and unmake you
The one that prophesy good things in life
The one that gives hope in times of trauma
The one who’s advice hits like a Beyonce album
The one that does not hesitate a second to say I love you.


"NuNu Scent"

I wish I could just in a day make a massive survey of some selected
Gents and ladies supposedly to have dressed indecently, to draw a drum line.
What is indecent dressing any way?
I believe it is the choosing of an extremely loud fashion or dress code
At the wrong time and occasion. All the same,
I think decency is somehow relative.

Most men have borrowed unattractive nagging teeth purposely to criticize
And shamelessly admire these fashions of most ladies
Which they call, “Indecent”. Always making references to
The “am awares”, the “cleavages’’, “the beads”,
And all the "shorts and shorts"
what about the spotty make-up some ladies wear?
I agree yes! , that sometimes it becomes so loud that
They begin to look like corps and glow in broad day light.

But have you taken the pain to observe our dear gentlemen?
My tongue nearly rolled out of my mouth out of shock.
Some men indeed dress horribly. Do they actually forget to zip up their flaps?
Or it is now a new kind of fashion. These, I have witnessed for several occasions.
Others too open the very first two buttons of their shirts. I can’t tell whether they are Flaunting the “yellowish brownish whitish’’ singlet
or the bushy, desert, or “sexy hairy” bear chests?

Well, that is even not the case. The SMELL, my Goodness!
Even my fishmonger granny would not smell Like that during her official duties.
I bet if we are given all salted fishes the chance to choose a friend,
Most def! Not this gentleman who sat next to me in a taxi. Pls! Spare us the “Nunu Scent”.
What about the edges of their Jeans pockets? If you have not noticed pls don’t try,
You might go blind.
I just wish our gentlemen would talk less about the dress code of their ladies
And concentrate on theirs too.
But I know God would not forgive me if I don’t give credit to others.
I must say some men look and smell extremely good!


What Is This Called?

It is so amazing how some people show love, I’m afraid to say if this is God’s love they are chasing,then they are getting nearer. It sometimes becomes so scary to describe how this kind of love works. I happen to be a victim. I don’t know what I have done to this particular person, but loves me the more as the seconds tick no matter how I behave.

I’ve also realised that, the one who loves you complain a lot the least thing you ever expect to hurt. I was always complaining how it happens so, but then I don’t blame them anyway, coz the one who loves you always worry about you the more. I used to think it is very irritating, yes! But now, no iota of negativity is stuck in my brains concerning this kind of love. When I wake up in the morning all I want to do is to pray for you. I love You Too!

I Don't Wont To Leave But Go

I don’t want to leave but go
I was begged not to leave
If I do, I leave behind treasures
Possessed once in a life time
But these treasures of his, like a curse and slavery to my heart
These treasures I see to be monstrous
These treasures I see to be haunted
These treasures I bundle and gather like a heap of sand
These treasures meant to be treasured by someone treasureable
Which I hope he finds
These treasures I do not deserve
These treasures I don’t want to leave but go!

My First Copy Book

Do you remember your very first day on campus? How did you feel?
That is a question you should ask yourself today.
You were like a fish that has been caught with a hook, so helpless and poor ready to surrender whatever you have even to the point of borrowing.
You possessed the heart of a child, so fragile.
So innocent, vulnerable, pure, holy and so true to yourself.
The heart of a little tiny lamb you had.
Now you cry for freedom.
You used to spend your whole time having some business transactions with the library.

You didn’t even know truancy and lateness.
You did your assignments long before the day of presentation.
Partying and clubbing and visitation were your enemies or they were just once in a while
When you were forced or influenced by your friends and roommates.
Rejecting proposals and expecting others as well.
Church, oh! All the praises, worships, the Paa Joes and the Paa Kwasis were your abode at nights
You looked down upon laziness and unseriousness.
You were looking forward to dating your seniors and your mates.
Now how do you analyze yourself.

First you got a fresh guy and a catchy relationship or if not looking forward to date a graduate
You now prefer your juniors to your mates.
The Kapos are now your target.
The nervousness towards mid-sem and end of sem-exam has vanished into thin air.
You go for lectures when you think it is necessary or this particular lecturer checks role.
Group meetings become necessary because of your project work
You now dress like a corporate lady or gentleman
Remember you used to have these “dog” chains hanging around your neck
With the JZ and LILWN look alike foots
Oh! Now you are looking for a life partner not just a boy friend
And you are seriously after this lady because you are nearly loosing the game
As 4 nail against you, I mean you
Come on don’t get blasted like that! Open your eyes bro!


You Did So?

I think I know what you did. Oh no! I don’t coz u don’t know mine
Do you remember the last time you were supposed to keep a secret?
Did you do so?
Do you remember the last time you were supposed to fulfil a promise?
Did you do so?
Do you remember the last time you thought of giving in?
Did you do so?
Do you remember the last time you thought of giving up?
Did you do so?
Do you remember the last time you thought of betraying?
Did you do so?
Do you remember the time you decided to lie for once; that is?
Did you do so ?
Do you remember when you decided to share your very deep secret?
Did you do so?
And what is your greatest fear in the world?
Would you like to share?

I Just Can't Tell Why!

Once upon a time in my fantasy world,
I had a serious crash on this beautiful boy of my friend’s friend
I hunted his attention so much that I could not do anything without thoughts of him.
I forced my way to be a friend and friends’ friend
I managed to be as close to him like his club T he loves to wear always
Finally my dreams became a reality
But he took my professed friendship as a normal cliché
For what reason, I can’t tell but this cliché became an idiom,
Then to a proverb.

Our closeness deceived me to be an interpretation I’ve always had
I itch to ask him the rapport we had which he replied with raised eye brow
Through this I denied a true love which I knew before
I denied a true friend which I knew before
I denied and torn an innocent heart and made it trash
Now he tells it didn’t take him decades to be ok

And now that I decided to let go of Prince Charming shackles
He has now thrown bait in my river
Stuck on my neck and never ever ready to let go
Stuck am I
Leaving under the umbrella of pretence
And stormy fake happiness
But I just can’t tell


The heart grows fonder

His presence was never felt
But it felt like thorns of roses when imagined
His heart was very close to me
But was so hard to touch
The last time I tried touching
He pulled my hand away.
I looked into his eyes
And all I can see is hurt

Deceived I felt
They told me to follow that croked path
But was more than I anticipated
I left Him to mark those markings
Yet still his presence was never felt
My painful pain was alas
Gone forever with those invisible marks
Does when the Heart grows fonder