it is so amazing the sudden growth and turn of the new Ghanaian Movie Industry. Day in and day out, new movies are introduced in the market. The market has then divided into two categories. The KUMASI MOVIES-( dubbed Agya Koo) and the ACCRA MOVIES dubbed the DB’s( the Dada Ba). Each category always has their special story line of interest. Mostly, the Agya Koos center on poverty, witchcraft, Christianity, comedy etc. the DBs center on love, Sex, romance, wealth etc.
As a matter of fact, all that these renowned producers portray in these movies are are close to the truth.
What about the setting, costume, Make-up and diction.
Looking at the typical average Ghanaian citizen, the kind of setting that the DB movies portray does not tally. It is true that there are extremely rich Ghanaians living under Ghanaian sun and on Ghana soil. But what about the unemployed, broke Ghanaian? For instance; realistically, a broke unemployed Ghanaian citizen would not have the opportunity to live in a mansion. Even if the character is supposed to be living in an inherited mansion without parents or any support from anywhere, it should be able to portray in his or her costume and his everyday life regardless of the mansion the character lives in. the financial background of a character should at least portray in his life.
Do they befit every scene and whatever message it may send. It is sometimes boring to see some “ childish” colour combinations and outrageous vampire make ups. Even at home, in relaxing moments, characters would still be in their 6inches high-heel green, yellow red shoes. The office wear would look like the party wear. Afternoon wear would turn to a nite club and dinner wears. Even at night in bed, extravagant make-up is worn with oily scorching lips.

What about the sex/romance and love? How are they portrayed? Think about it. They will be discussed alongside the language/the diction in the part two of this piece; as they always do…