My First Copy Book

Do you remember your very first day on campus? How did you feel?
That is a question you should ask yourself today.
You were like a fish that has been caught with a hook, so helpless and poor ready to surrender whatever you have even to the point of borrowing.
You possessed the heart of a child, so fragile.
So innocent, vulnerable, pure, holy and so true to yourself.
The heart of a little tiny lamb you had.
Now you cry for freedom.
You used to spend your whole time having some business transactions with the library.

You didn’t even know truancy and lateness.
You did your assignments long before the day of presentation.
Partying and clubbing and visitation were your enemies or they were just once in a while
When you were forced or influenced by your friends and roommates.
Rejecting proposals and expecting others as well.
Church, oh! All the praises, worships, the Paa Joes and the Paa Kwasis were your abode at nights
You looked down upon laziness and unseriousness.
You were looking forward to dating your seniors and your mates.
Now how do you analyze yourself.

First you got a fresh guy and a catchy relationship or if not looking forward to date a graduate
You now prefer your juniors to your mates.
The Kapos are now your target.
The nervousness towards mid-sem and end of sem-exam has vanished into thin air.
You go for lectures when you think it is necessary or this particular lecturer checks role.
Group meetings become necessary because of your project work
You now dress like a corporate lady or gentleman
Remember you used to have these “dog” chains hanging around your neck
With the JZ and LILWN look alike foots
Oh! Now you are looking for a life partner not just a boy friend
And you are seriously after this lady because you are nearly loosing the game
As 4 nail against you, I mean you
Come on don’t get blasted like that! Open your eyes bro!

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