"NuNu Scent"

I wish I could just in a day make a massive survey of some selected
Gents and ladies supposedly to have dressed indecently, to draw a drum line.
What is indecent dressing any way?
I believe it is the choosing of an extremely loud fashion or dress code
At the wrong time and occasion. All the same,
I think decency is somehow relative.

Most men have borrowed unattractive nagging teeth purposely to criticize
And shamelessly admire these fashions of most ladies
Which they call, “Indecent”. Always making references to
The “am awares”, the “cleavages’’, “the beads”,
And all the "shorts and shorts"
what about the spotty make-up some ladies wear?
I agree yes! , that sometimes it becomes so loud that
They begin to look like corps and glow in broad day light.

But have you taken the pain to observe our dear gentlemen?
My tongue nearly rolled out of my mouth out of shock.
Some men indeed dress horribly. Do they actually forget to zip up their flaps?
Or it is now a new kind of fashion. These, I have witnessed for several occasions.
Others too open the very first two buttons of their shirts. I can’t tell whether they are Flaunting the “yellowish brownish whitish’’ singlet
or the bushy, desert, or “sexy hairy” bear chests?

Well, that is even not the case. The SMELL, my Goodness!
Even my fishmonger granny would not smell Like that during her official duties.
I bet if we are given all salted fishes the chance to choose a friend,
Most def! Not this gentleman who sat next to me in a taxi. Pls! Spare us the “Nunu Scent”.
What about the edges of their Jeans pockets? If you have not noticed pls don’t try,
You might go blind.
I just wish our gentlemen would talk less about the dress code of their ladies
And concentrate on theirs too.
But I know God would not forgive me if I don’t give credit to others.
I must say some men look and smell extremely good!

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  1. excellent poem! anyway,next time please consider the kind of Godforsaken sweet aromatic smell that comes from the wigs of ladies.