Finding Beauty In Those Who Hurt Us.

I read an article in which the author says that, beauty could actually be found in those who hurt us. I just exclaimed with my jaws almost on the floor. The question that I want to ask is; what kind of beauty would actually be seen in those who hurt us terribly? An insight scenario given is the normal cliché; “forgive and forget’’. Yes I call it a cliché although I believe in forgiveness. But humans as we are, it isn’t easy telling someone with a broken heart which cannot be fixed at all to succumb to this opinion. Anyways, which broken heart can never be fixed at all.

But in another case I think It makes sense. The rhetoric questions are,what blocks our ability to love, our ability to be courageous, our ability to forgive and forget? if we can survive all these, then we can define our ability to find this beauty .I’ve realized it is rather a good thing than just seeing its shallow meaning.

Most sufferings and disappointments that we experience are somehow a blessing in disguise. We sometimes realize our true self after mourning our wounded hearts. I want to believe that, believing in ourselves could be very therapeutic. That is, if we accept the outcome of every situation and think of the way forward rather than thinking about the harm that is already done, would make us really realize and find this beauty in those who hurt us. May be we should try this!