To whom it may concern!

I guess you are the only one who understands my language.
I beg you would not force me to drink this water, coz my belly is already full
I wonder, if I give you explanations, would things turn around to how it used to be or was supposed to be?
If your answer is what I’m thinking, then you need not lead me on.
But all the same it’s only fair to hear the “winding story “. .......... to be conti...

A mother’s tongue

The one that tells a fairy tale in Disney Land
The one that senses danger from afar and warn
The one that rolls a true emotional experience
The one that blesses the good and even the bad
The one that prays all night when you are somewhere clubbing all night
The one that suffers in your defence
The one that makes and unmake you
The one that prophesy good things in life
The one that gives hope in times of trauma
The one who’s advice hits like a Beyonce album
The one that does not hesitate a second to say I love you.