I Just Can't Tell Why!

Once upon a time in my fantasy world,
I had a serious crash on this beautiful boy of my friend’s friend
I hunted his attention so much that I could not do anything without thoughts of him.
I forced my way to be a friend and friends’ friend
I managed to be as close to him like his club T he loves to wear always
Finally my dreams became a reality
But he took my professed friendship as a normal cliché
For what reason, I can’t tell but this cliché became an idiom,
Then to a proverb.

Our closeness deceived me to be an interpretation I’ve always had
I itch to ask him the rapport we had which he replied with raised eye brow
Through this I denied a true love which I knew before
I denied a true friend which I knew before
I denied and torn an innocent heart and made it trash
Now he tells it didn’t take him decades to be ok

And now that I decided to let go of Prince Charming shackles
He has now thrown bait in my river
Stuck on my neck and never ever ready to let go
Stuck am I
Leaving under the umbrella of pretence
And stormy fake happiness
But I just can’t tell

1 comment:

  1. hmm.... i wonder what wasyour inspiration, lol.
    Anyways i guess one should not play with his meat for too long, either you eat it or you sit and watch another consume it.