hmmm! dear blogger, Its been ages since I smiled at you. A lot has happened soo much within these past years since I left you. Am back again. I have lots of ingredients we cant even chose which ones to use for the soup. we don't want it to be over-spiced though. I officially welcome myself back into your arms again. its gonna be juicy here!



it is so amazing the sudden growth and turn of the new Ghanaian Movie Industry. Day in and day out, new movies are introduced in the market. The market has then divided into two categories. The KUMASI MOVIES-( dubbed Agya Koo) and the ACCRA MOVIES dubbed the DB’s( the Dada Ba). Each category always has their special story line of interest. Mostly, the Agya Koos center on poverty, witchcraft, Christianity, comedy etc. the DBs center on love, Sex, romance, wealth etc.
As a matter of fact, all that these renowned producers portray in these movies are are close to the truth.
What about the setting, costume, Make-up and diction.
Looking at the typical average Ghanaian citizen, the kind of setting that the DB movies portray does not tally. It is true that there are extremely rich Ghanaians living under Ghanaian sun and on Ghana soil. But what about the unemployed, broke Ghanaian? For instance; realistically, a broke unemployed Ghanaian citizen would not have the opportunity to live in a mansion. Even if the character is supposed to be living in an inherited mansion without parents or any support from anywhere, it should be able to portray in his or her costume and his everyday life regardless of the mansion the character lives in. the financial background of a character should at least portray in his life.
Do they befit every scene and whatever message it may send. It is sometimes boring to see some “ childish” colour combinations and outrageous vampire make ups. Even at home, in relaxing moments, characters would still be in their 6inches high-heel green, yellow red shoes. The office wear would look like the party wear. Afternoon wear would turn to a nite club and dinner wears. Even at night in bed, extravagant make-up is worn with oily scorching lips.

What about the sex/romance and love? How are they portrayed? Think about it. They will be discussed alongside the language/the diction in the part two of this piece; as they always do…


Cupid’s Arrow

Sometimes, Cupid becomes so mean that he doesn’t hit the arrow at the right hearts and the right time.
Sometimes one hit is right and the other is wrong
Sometimes he pairs partially
Sometimes extremely nearer to perfection
Sometimes seemingly perfect
Sometimes bloody perfect
Other times foolishly perfect
Sometimes in holy
More times in sin
I hope this time he is not going to make yours like he did the other time that you never liked



I have a story to tell. I can bet that most people would have different, interesting, and dramatic stories to tell as well. A friend told me that, last two years of Val’s was sorrows, last year was a big decision to make which ended up miserably, and this year was tensed up. How sad. The funny thing is that, when some people are getting dates for this day, others are getting years ,others planning, and on the move to dodge coz there is no money or …!Well, Desires burn within, taking you to a different level in the darkest corner of this season. I wish, each day would be a day for displaying our love to those we love. The month and season of love is here again I guess. But is it past? Well, that is just by the way.

You told me that,” he never appreciated the fact that I spent my precious time and energy to set a queen Elizabeth table for him, am leaving him”. Are you actually jilting your boyfriend because of this?

He also told me that,“ come on, I have explained things to you, this shouldn’t be taken as SA 2010”, so why the complains?

Another said,“ chale! I really have to create a huge misunderstanding and when this SA 2010 dies, then we reconcile in our own football match…” abi you bab?

The other said; “Babe, these are from my heart and those are also from my heart”, hmmm! Were you dumb founded?

Check this one too; “never mind, I have settled her,…I would have to travel this weekend. Very important. It is rather unfortunate it falls on this day”. What are you implying?

And now; “ mmm let me just go home, since all my friends are occupied this day, to save myself from emptiness and loneliness and temptation.” O you dey lie. Roommate narrow you a you say u wan dodge temptation.

Granny comes in; “ my granddaughter please do not go the valentine under o, otherwise some foolish man would consume you.”

To be cont… but what is your story?


Just as the party is about starting,
And all past weariness, fears, and struggles had been laid to rest
Things revolute like a pin lost in the ocean
It is now time-out for what was once the best.

Desires which have been burning for four years
Are yet to be over or it’s over.
There are some mistakes that we wish to have reversed
But When is a time like this coming our way again?

We never knew ourselves but now a big family.
Life has probably taken an unwanted path,
A strange turn it is whispering strange words and ideas.
While alive and capable, by all available means, let’s be equal,

So many things happened which made ENGLISH 4 survive
Hold the buttocks of your fellow
And allow another to hold yours
Just like the way I’ve been holding yours.

I bet we cannot deny that we would miss one another
Especially the …{you know what I mean} among us,
But sure their routes would not be separated from here.
But at the same time all being separated, when will I see you again?


Watching Madness With No Eyes …

Hidden behind the curtains of false friendship love,
Is the mute treacherous heart of man.
You wear smiles of betrayal with a deceptive mask,
Watching and wishing the fall of your “friend” in need indeed.

Crumbling down are the walls of success of your friend,
Watching them slip gradually in frustrations.
A cluster of rags you classify them,
And laugh at them behind the mirrors of consolation and condolences.

Why this pretence? Where is the trust, honesty,
Loyalty and love u once shared?
When u needed a shoulder
You realize u had a friend somewhere regardless.

You try to hide your chameleon nature,
But since nature cannot be cheated,
You end up blowing up and behaving all nicy nicy,
All suspicious, with an egg in your face.

You thought they would always be
A victim of your defamations.
I hope u will avoid nurturing and cumulating spikes in the bosom of your heart
For once, try to be an ant and cease being a sympathy seeking friend

This is such a tragic truth to be unraveled.
Anybody disagrees?
Ah! Such a pity, that we see this madness with no eyes.
A Friend and some friends.


Finding Beauty In Those Who Hurt Us.

I read an article in which the author says that, beauty could actually be found in those who hurt us. I just exclaimed with my jaws almost on the floor. The question that I want to ask is; what kind of beauty would actually be seen in those who hurt us terribly? An insight scenario given is the normal cliché; “forgive and forget’’. Yes I call it a cliché although I believe in forgiveness. But humans as we are, it isn’t easy telling someone with a broken heart which cannot be fixed at all to succumb to this opinion. Anyways, which broken heart can never be fixed at all.

But in another case I think It makes sense. The rhetoric questions are,what blocks our ability to love, our ability to be courageous, our ability to forgive and forget? if we can survive all these, then we can define our ability to find this beauty .I’ve realized it is rather a good thing than just seeing its shallow meaning.

Most sufferings and disappointments that we experience are somehow a blessing in disguise. We sometimes realize our true self after mourning our wounded hearts. I want to believe that, believing in ourselves could be very therapeutic. That is, if we accept the outcome of every situation and think of the way forward rather than thinking about the harm that is already done, would make us really realize and find this beauty in those who hurt us. May be we should try this!