Is It Only You And Yourself Always?

Some people are so self-centred that they forget it is them against the world. This behavior can really jeopardize our happiness. If you have to live with just yourself, what happens to the rest of the world? It might be some practice of selfishness which you don’t know or does it intentionally. Remember our behavior towards others is just as important as building blocks of self-respect.

Interaction with people can also reveal some unexpected horrible behaviours. Commitment to human relations can avoid this kind of behaviour. The unfair aspects of it are that, your commitments might not be reciprocated by the people you act towards, which makes certain human behaviours and facts so difficult to fathom.

So Clutch Your Choices Opened Heartedly!

I guess you have been trying to make some changes in your life................... I know. You really knew that already didn’t you? If you had been so sincere to yourself, may be you could have done that long time before the phrase “it’s too late” came out of your mouth. Sometimes the most difficult aspects of our lives are making choices.
If you could only see through the future, there are some choices that you made that you would wish to turn back time.

I wish I never made some choices in my life which haunts me as of now. I wouldn’t say I regret them though, but I wish I never did. Some choices are also ahead of me that am taking pains to break the puzzle. It is also difficult to face the truth.
May be I would one day find the courage to find myself in a different way in making choices through some Divine Interventions or..... What do you think? We all make mistakes and loose our ways. It’s all up to us to outline the dos and don’ts and carry our choices whole heatedly. Anyways, what could we do to make a difference? You could tell me too.