Watching Madness With No Eyes …

Hidden behind the curtains of false friendship love,
Is the mute treacherous heart of man.
You wear smiles of betrayal with a deceptive mask,
Watching and wishing the fall of your “friend” in need indeed.

Crumbling down are the walls of success of your friend,
Watching them slip gradually in frustrations.
A cluster of rags you classify them,
And laugh at them behind the mirrors of consolation and condolences.

Why this pretence? Where is the trust, honesty,
Loyalty and love u once shared?
When u needed a shoulder
You realize u had a friend somewhere regardless.

You try to hide your chameleon nature,
But since nature cannot be cheated,
You end up blowing up and behaving all nicy nicy,
All suspicious, with an egg in your face.

You thought they would always be
A victim of your defamations.
I hope u will avoid nurturing and cumulating spikes in the bosom of your heart
For once, try to be an ant and cease being a sympathy seeking friend

This is such a tragic truth to be unraveled.
Anybody disagrees?
Ah! Such a pity, that we see this madness with no eyes.
A Friend and some friends.