I have a story to tell. I can bet that most people would have different, interesting, and dramatic stories to tell as well. A friend told me that, last two years of Val’s was sorrows, last year was a big decision to make which ended up miserably, and this year was tensed up. How sad. The funny thing is that, when some people are getting dates for this day, others are getting years ,others planning, and on the move to dodge coz there is no money or …!Well, Desires burn within, taking you to a different level in the darkest corner of this season. I wish, each day would be a day for displaying our love to those we love. The month and season of love is here again I guess. But is it past? Well, that is just by the way.

You told me that,” he never appreciated the fact that I spent my precious time and energy to set a queen Elizabeth table for him, am leaving him”. Are you actually jilting your boyfriend because of this?

He also told me that,“ come on, I have explained things to you, this shouldn’t be taken as SA 2010”, so why the complains?

Another said,“ chale! I really have to create a huge misunderstanding and when this SA 2010 dies, then we reconcile in our own football match…” abi you bab?

The other said; “Babe, these are from my heart and those are also from my heart”, hmmm! Were you dumb founded?

Check this one too; “never mind, I have settled her,…I would have to travel this weekend. Very important. It is rather unfortunate it falls on this day”. What are you implying?

And now; “ mmm let me just go home, since all my friends are occupied this day, to save myself from emptiness and loneliness and temptation.” O you dey lie. Roommate narrow you a you say u wan dodge temptation.

Granny comes in; “ my granddaughter please do not go the valentine under o, otherwise some foolish man would consume you.”

To be cont… but what is your story?

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