Just as the party is about starting,
And all past weariness, fears, and struggles had been laid to rest
Things revolute like a pin lost in the ocean
It is now time-out for what was once the best.

Desires which have been burning for four years
Are yet to be over or it’s over.
There are some mistakes that we wish to have reversed
But When is a time like this coming our way again?

We never knew ourselves but now a big family.
Life has probably taken an unwanted path,
A strange turn it is whispering strange words and ideas.
While alive and capable, by all available means, let’s be equal,

So many things happened which made ENGLISH 4 survive
Hold the buttocks of your fellow
And allow another to hold yours
Just like the way I’ve been holding yours.

I bet we cannot deny that we would miss one another
Especially the …{you know what I mean} among us,
But sure their routes would not be separated from here.
But at the same time all being separated, when will I see you again?

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